Garbage Find! Wooden Planter Boxes

So, I love garbage. I mean I really love it. My husband Jason & I try to never “buy” furniture or decorations. He is basically a genius when it comes to making things ( I may be slightly biased). And I love diy projects. We are a power couple 🙂

I was super happy to find these in the garbage about a month ago. There are four identical boxes. I like the rustic look, but these were just really blah on my front steps so I decided to paint them. I was waiting for a day that was neither raining nor windy, but since this is Minnesota I got tired of waiting and went with the wind.

I like to use what I have on hand, which in this case was a red of sorts – not attractive!

I also had black in my basement, so I brought that baby out and set to spraying. I then “layered” the black with the red to get this look.

Overall, I like them. I realize this is not my most exciting project, but I needed planters and these met my top criterion – FREE!!!

So here are my four flower boxes. Now I am off to buy some gorgeous flowers to actually put them to use!

     Just a quick update – I bought my flowers – oh how I love color!!!



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