Button Art


I am a big fan of buttons. I have done a few different art projects with them, and have so many more I want to do! After raiding my mom’s button collection (thanks Mom!), I turned to my friends and their moms. When I needed still more colors/variety, I started asking around at garage sales. You might be surprised by how many people say, “Well I do have a lot of buttons in the house – I never thought of putting them in the sale.” So ask, ask, ask!

Sidenote: Did you know that you can dye buttons? There is a great tutorial for it on the Rit Dye website here http://www.ritdye.com/diy-projects/odds-ends/dyed-buttons

So grab some canvas, buttons, and your hot glue gun and let those creative juices flow!





Recycled Magazine Garbage Can

As someone who hates to throw anything away, I was super excited to find a use for magazines I have already read through. (Note: I would actually recycle old magazines, not throw them away, but I would rather find a way for me to personally reuse them).

Okay, first things first.

You have to make A LOT of paper strips. I have found that Martha Stewart’s magazine is the best for this. Her paper quality is quite high – if you use some of the “cheaper” feeling magazine pages they tend to tear.

First, cut the page in half lengthwise –

Then cut each half in half again.

Next, fold in one side of the strip to the center of the page.

Now fold the other side to the center also.

Now fold one of those sides to the center.

Repeat with the other side.

Now fold down the center – like a taco.

Woo-hoo! You have made your first strip! Now repeat SOOOOO many times. You are going to need LOTS & LOTS of these strips!

Do you have all your strips ready? Now onto the coiling.

For the bottom of your waste basket, start with one strip and start rolling it. I like to hot glue every couple of inches to really make sure it holds up.

Once you get that rolled all the way, just hot glue on another strip and keep on rolling.

And another and another and another…

Eventually you will have a base the size you want for your garbage can.

Now just start hot-gluing your strips in circles. Sometimes, I glue several strips together to get a “fatter” circle with lots of color.

Here again, make circles to your little heart’s content!

Got those? Now glue, glue, glue!

Once you have your garbage can the height you would like it…

Shellac that puppy! I put several coats on my garbage can. Even with the shellac, I would not recommend using this in the kitchen or bathroom (after all it is paper), but it is perfect for a bedroom or office or den!

Thanks for looking at my creation!